Today is Monday…I guess i don’t REALLY have to say what day it is as it is nearing summer vacation…but ill say what day it is anyway.


So On saturday the The Community Pool opened! I wasn’t there for the “Grand Opening” but yesterday I went. I was originally supposed to meet my friend at the pool but I took a nap because I was EXTREMELY tired the reason I was was extremely tired was because I had a sleep over in a tent in my friends backyard! and there was 4 boys in the tent so you know we didn’t get ANY sleep XD. anyway I overslept by over slept I mean I slept until 3pm and I was supposed to meet my friend at the pool at 1pm…by the time I got there it was 3:15! and he wasn’t there. I saw a kid that I knew and asked him if he’d seen my friend he said he hadn’t so I waited 30 minutes and went to his house to see if he was there. I got on my bike and went down the hill. his parents were sitting on the porch I asked if he was home and said that we were supposed to meet at the pool at 1 and that I had overslept they said that they had no idea that he was supposed to meet me they also said that his grandparents were coming to visit. then his mom called for him he came out onto the porch and said he forgot to call and cancel. I said thats ok I overslept anyway. and then biked up the hill and back to the pool I stayed and swam for about an hour and then went home. I think I might  go to the pool again today.


other than that I’ve been playing lots of minecraft lately. i enjoy playing on Factions servers like Sepre (as seen in the title) and cosmicPvP.






How was your weekend???



Yesterday I went on a field trip to the planetarium in the Dalhousie University Dunn Building.

It was a very well done presentation but the actual planetarium needs some updating. It was a small canvas dome that had a dodecahedron light box in the centre. The light box had holes in it placed in the shape of the constellations and stars. It is the oldest planetarium in Canada!!! The professor who made the presentation talked about what constellations we will be seeing this summer such as leo the lion:leo-3 He also talked about how to find the north star using the big and little dipper.  I enjoyed myself and would recommend going if you are interested in astronomy.


On Tuesday my grandmother had minor surgery and on the same day my mother had to drive “Ace frehley” (AKA my step dad) to the airport AND took me to my guitar and singing lessons. So that day we didn’t do much school work except for reading.  And while on the subject of reading; I finished “Chasing Redbird”, “The Great Unexpected”, and now I am starting “Heartbeat”. All three of these books are by Sharon Creech who is one of my favourite authors. Her writing style really appeals to me. I find it easy to relate to her characters.


I’m REALLY looking forward to the release of  “Destiny 2” this summer!destiny-1It looks SUPER DUPER good and I am looking forward to playing it.  I’m almost finished the first game and am REALLY pleased with it. They have some REALLY hilarious trailers for the game that you can look up just by typing “destiny 2 rally the troops”.




So that’s what has been going on here in the madhouse. what’s new with you and what are you looking forward to?

Friday and scratch.

Today is the first day I have posted in a A LONG TIME!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I will try to do better.


I had an OK day of school today. I learned a lot about order of operations in math. I was VERY confused at first and still make little careless mistakes here and there but overall I’m enjoying it! (IMAGINE ME ENJOYING MATH?!?!?!?!?! PREPOSTEROUS!!!) Also I have been working on my book, The Axe, on Story Bird and doing lots of reading. I finished To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee as well as a Sharon Creech Novel called Chasing RedBird. I enjoyed both books and am reading Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel now. But what I’m most excited about is scratch, which is a form of coding. I recently made a game called shadow warriors which I am very proud of! Other than that I went to the NEW Discovery Centre as a field trip  and watched a documentary in the dome theatre about climate change. It was A LOT of fun! Overall I’ve been enjoying school!




How have you been?


Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I have been super busy and I keep forgetting :P.


I had a great Christmas.  Since I went to my Dads house this year I got to celebrate twice, once at my dads and once when I got back home. AND I got home on my birthday!!! 😀 So that means that I had a lot to unwrap. We had A TON of snow and I made an awesome igloo fort   as soon as  there was enough snow to make one! I had an AWESOME time at my dad’s. We had christmas dinner, I got to hang out with my cousin and of course…CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! which doesn’t require any explanation! We went to see STAR WARS ROUGUE I in D-BOX SEATS! D-Box seats are super interactive theatre seats. When something blows up (always the highlight of STAR WARS movies for me) it rumbles and when a ship takes off the chair tilts! My verdict of ROUGUE I was 5 CENTILLION STARS!!!! I really enjoyed it and it was one of the highlights of my visit with my dad. I hung out with my cousin every day  and my dad got terraria working on his computer and my cousin’s computer so we could LAN (local area network) which took up about 98% of my visit XD Overall, I had a great time at dad’s.

How were your holidays?


These last 14 days have been fun. I went trick or treating in PEI with my cousin and my father which was a blast! I dressed up as Dage The Evil from AQW.

We had fun just hanging out while I was over there too. Then five days after that I went to the city of Halifax with my grandmother which was very fun. I got an action figurine called Transformers Titans Return Hard head and yesterday I got 2 new skylanders; Blaster Mind and Tuff Luck! Unfortunately Tuff Luck didn’t work (guess that was ‘TOUGH LUCK’ 😛 ) 😦 so I’m going to return her.



I also finished Tom Sawyer and I am REALLY satisfied with the ending. It was a good book. And now I have started Lord Of The Flies which is a book about a whole bunch of boys who get stuck on a tropical island and must survive. They need to not be fooled by the islands beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

For school I have been doing my regular routine plus we have discovered a new website called wonderopolis which I am trying to read each day. So most days I read my book, do khan academy, duo lingo French,, newsela and now wonderopolis. And I’m supposed to work on penmanship but I often “forget”…..Then mom teaches me the subject of the day. Today being Wednesday, it is about our provinces so I’m reading about Manitoba. And if I have time and feel up to it I update my blog 😀


What have you been up to?


This is my first video game review! I will be doing these every time I finish a game from now on! 

this review is on one of my favourite games! SKYLANDER‘S! Spyros Adventure! Made by Activision. I played this game on the Wii. The story is fun and easy to follow, you must collect all of the eternal elemental sources (magic, tech,undead,fire,water,life and earth) and repair the core of light in order to stop lord chaosskylanders-trap-team-kaos-characterfrom taking over all of skylands! Along the way you meet some people who help you and some who don’t.  like T’bonet-bonewho escorts you to the underworld to get the eternal source of the undead and Diggsskylanders-giants-topps-trading-cards-2012-113-diggs-113 who helps you find the crucible of  Aegis to name a few. The main characters  are Lord Chaos, Hugohugo_ingame, FlynnFlynn_2.JPG, Calicali_2, General Robotgeneral_robot, Gurglefinngurglefin and your skylander of choice!all_skylanders_and_villains_hexagon_wallpaper_by_skylandslegends-d82pd6m The graphics could be better but when there is a cut scene the graphics and lighting are REALLY good! The controls are pretty basic but there is some change after they added in the jump button in the third game. Unfortunately you can not change the controls to suit your preferences. There is PLENTY of content as Activision is working around the clock to make bonus levels, new skylanders and new power ups. You can buy extra levels which have special items and soul gems that would be otherwise impossible to get. I would Definitely play this game again but probably in NIGHTMARE difficulty mode XD (when it comes to difficulty I take after my father XD ) this game was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY FUN! 

I would definitely suggest this game, I enjoyed the variety of characters and customizations.

I hope you had a good week so far if not it will be over soon because… TOMMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!





im a slack jawed noodle necked buck toothed troll


FINALLY its FRIDAY I can finally just relax now that all my schoolwork is done  me and mom are going shopping for jeans! and I plan on stopping by EB Games on the way!

Today we did Mystery  Science which was REALLY fun we made a bold terrarium! ! ! XP

im not going to do a long blog post so ill update you tomorrow

How was your day?

please tell me all about it in the comments!bd6a4e3cf1e9899c2f973deda7a91500